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A Push up Bra for Cheeks!

I am loving the newest seasonal collection from Illamasqua I’m Perfection where it’s all about  highlighting the features that we usually cover, such as freckles, birthmark etc

Nothing is perfect, only uniquely beautiful; in fact within the word ‘imperfect’ live two words that challenge it - ‘I’m perfect’. Alex Box.

The Blusher Duo


There are 3 different blush duo’s now in the Illamasqua collection and this one is ‘Duo 1’ which includes single blusher shades from the range- ‘Lover’ & ‘Hussy’ which are beautiful shades mixed together to create dimension to the cheeks and are both wearable matte shades and extremely pigmented. I would use this set  for models with more of a warmer tone to the skin. . All duos retail at £26 each.

Blush Up Brush


A push up bra for your cheeks! Yes that’s what the creative Illamasqua team are quoting.  This new angled brush aims to redefine the way we apply blusher for make-up artists and for those who love make-up ! It’s specifically designed for powder blusher and is applied to the contour of your cheekbones at an angle rather than a round, circular motions on the apples of their cheeks. Of course it might be flattering for those with longer, slimmer faces and help bring out the ‘flesh’ in the face and give a more wholesome look in circular motions but a mistake I see many woman doing is they use a large oval brush to apply there blusher in just circle motions meaning blusher is not placed in the correct contours of the cheekbones- that’s why I always advise people to use an angled blusher brush when applying their blusher for a more defined cheekbone to shape the face correctly.

The brush is syntehic hair with a sharp finish for a high cheekbone effect yet soft at the same time to make blending a dream! Begin to sculpt from under your cheekbones and drag it upwards hence the name ‘Blush-up’ brush creating an ombre, gradually fading effect with two shades(the duo blush set) of blusher and then finish the look off with a powder highlighter on the top of the cheekbones to create those fake high, runway cheekbones!

The Blush Up Brush retails at £28.50.  

Check out more of the NEW Illamasqua I’m Perfection range >here<


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