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Five questions women have regards bras

Despite the fact that bras have been around for such a long time, many women still have difficulties understanding the dynamics of bras, thus making it confusing to buy bra sets which are perfect. Let’s discuss the most common questions women have with regards to bras.

How do I select the right bra style?

The choice of bra can depend upon individual preferences and fashion style. For example, if you love wearing tube tops, it is best to have more convertible or strapless bras. In case you are involved in a lot of sport and exercise, then a sports bra is the best style for you. It all depends on the style and type clothes you normally wear. However, make sure to choose the right size for that perfect fit.

How do I pick the correct bra size?

Bra or cup size is represented by letters such as B, C, and D. But, don’t just guess the right size. It is always better to have your bust measured by a professional to be sure of the right size. In case you feel shy or find it embarrassing, simply search for a bra chart to find out how you can measure yourself. After getting the right measure, compare it to the numbers on the chart. This would help you to get the right bra size and a perfect fit.

How often should I shop for bras?

Bras must be changed at least once a year. The breasts can go through several changes over a period of time due to pregnancy, weight gain, hormonal changes or age. Therefore, it is best to buy bras at least once every year.

Does an underwire bra cause cancer?

Some women prefer not to wear bras, as they believe claims such as the ones that say that wearing bras causes cancer. However, there isn’t any conclusive research or reports to support such claims. Underwire bras can be quite uncomfortable as the wires could protrude from the fabric. It is best to buy a new pair or wear bras without underwire.

Is it okay to shop online for bras?

Yes, but it is important to be sure of the right bra size and always ask for a money-back guarantee. Just in case you order a bra that does not fit perfectly, the refund policy would ensure that you get a replacement or a refund.

These were the most common queries that women have with regards to bras. We all know what innerwear means to a woman. Hope these answers prove beneficial and help you select a bra that offers comfort, support and the perfect fit.

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